about us

We’re here to help moms and those that support us! We're a 501c3 nonprofit that serves to uplift mothers and normalize the struggles motherhood.  Our unique peer led support groups offer a safe place for mothers to support and uplift one another ultimately forming organic bonds in motherhood and an everlasting village.

We were founded on the principals of enriching and rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit of mothers.  Monthly Mom.ME. only gatherings are hosted, and here we discuss current relevant topics pertaining to motherhood, family, careers, relationships, life, physical and mental well-being, etc. 


Our organization's overall goal is to allow mothers to become their very best possible self, which will ultimately improve the overall functionality of the entire family structure.  We help our Mom.ME.(s) focus on the importance of taking care of themselves 1st.


...the backstory

Hi my name is Lauren(right) and this is my sister Lashay(left) and we're the co-founders of Mom.ME. I'll be honest, there's nothing special about us, EXCEPT, the fact we're dedicated to helping mothers in need! Especially those struggling with Maternal Mental Health. Why? Well, you see my friend, I'm actually a survivor of a few perinatal mood disorders:  Postpartum Depression & Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), and even Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome(PTSD). So you see I believe myself to be well qualified to help another through the darkness; no worries I'm also a certified maternal mental health peer support specialist.

I struggled with these negative off putting thoughts16 years ago with my 1st born...and I'll be honest I didn't get the help I needed! Heck, honestly I didn't know I needed help because I wasn't aware that what I was experiencing was actually one of the most common pregnancy related conditions! (BOOM!) Mind-blowing I know!

So late 2017 with a group of friends, Mom.ME. was born! We started as a social group hosting monthly "mommy only gatherings."  We enjoyed these gathering so much and we realized the positive effect on our moods that we wanted to share with others so in 2018 decided to form as a nonprofit.

Over the years we have evolved into a STATEWIDE organization that offers:

*Peer Support Warmline (call or text)

*Support Groups (variety)

*Parenting Classes & Workshops


*Therapist Network (trusted maternal health providers)

*Provider Trainings