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Mom.ME. is a community of moms, by moms.


On a mission to help Mom(ME)s

Our organization's overall goal is to allow mothers to become their very best possible self, which will ultimately improve the overall functionality of the entire family structure.  We help our Mom.ME.(s) focus on the importance of taking care of themselves 1st.


We’re here to help moms and those that support us.

We're a nonprofit that serves to uplift mothers and normalize the struggles of motherhood.  Our unique peer led support groups offer a safe place for mothers to support and uplift one another ultimately forming organic bonds in motherhood and an everlasting village.

Our Story

Mom.ME. was founded by sisters Lauren and Lashay with a group of friends in 2017. When Lauren found out she was pregnant with her first child, she expected a similar experience to her sister LaShay, whose pregnancy the year before was nothing short of a breeze. Instead, Lauren experienced morning sickness that lasted the entire pregnancy, an emergency c-section, trouble with breastfeeding, a colicky baby, and terrible nightmares that kept her up most nights. She felt like she was failing as a parent. So much so that she didn’t want to keep living.


Fortunately, because of the support of family, her story changed for the better. Since then she learned an immense amount of information about postpartum that she had no idea about. She’s now the mother of 4 little monsters  (16, 14, 3, and 1), survivor of postpartum depression & anxiety, postpartum OCD,  and postpartum PTSD.

Together, Lauren and LaShay want to help women who feel like a huge wave of challenges are hitting them as a mom, educate them, and provide the support they need to successfully feel more like “ME” again.

like these wonderful women

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