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General Peer Support

Come and get the support you need in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

We know it's not easy, so we're here to help.

Having a baby can be both exciting and very overwhelming. Most mothers experience the baby blues and will subside in a few weeks. Sometimes these feelings may not go away. In this case mothers may be experiencing depression and/or anxiety symptoms. Come and get the support you need in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Hearing what other mothers are experiencing may help you get through this difficult time.


Mom.ME. offers free support groups for mothers

If you are pregnant, new mom of a newborn (biological or adoptive), mom of color, mother of a children with disabilities and/or teen mom who is experiencing sadness, worry, anxiety, guilt, emptiness or depression we are here to support you.

You will receive peer support from mothers who have been where you are.


All our members receive outstanding peer support from MOTHERS who are like you. These moms have been where you have been. They have experienced similar postpartum challenges themselves and have made it through those challenging times. 

If you are experiencing sadness, tearfulness, excessive worry, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, irritability, lack of bonding, anxiety or any other change in mood or behavior, you'll have someone to talk you through it.

Mom.ME. offers partners with the best to get you what your need.

Our program partners with healthcare professionals, local organizations, and community outreach projects that provide services to help alleviate symptoms.


Join our community. A place where you belong.

For exclusive access to events, mentoring and programs

It's completely free.

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