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Moms of Special Need Children

Caring for a child with special needs means you typically don't have a lot of time to focus on yourself or seek the support you need.
you have us

An intimate group of moms like you.

That's where we come in! Join this unique group of moms and find a new way of mothering or as we call it: Mothering Differently with Grace. Here you'll find resources for your child's particular challenges and get the support you need in the process.


Mom.ME. offers free support groups for mothers

It is our pledge to you that our support groups are COMPLETELY FREE! Support shouldn't cost a thing...motherhood already cost enough.


Mom.ME. offers partners with the best to get you what your need.

and there's more

Our program partners with health professionals, local organizations, and community outreach projects that provide services to help alleviate symptoms.

Join our community. A place where you belong.

For exclusive access to events, mentoring and programs
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